I was recently at an air conditioning conference and met a nice woman who was looking for customers for a product she was selling. Unfortunately for her, I was not the right person to talk to at my company. She asked me to help get her in touch with the right person, which I half-heartedly agreed to do (mainly due to the amount of sales people already trying to meet with our CEO and COO). We exchanged business cards and then I moved on.

It’s been a week since that meeting and I still haven’t heard from her.

If this woman would have sent me a follow up email minutes after…


Follow-up is one of the most important steps in the sales process. The simple act of calling your customer after sending a proposal will drastically increase your close rates. 

But most salespeople don't follow up. Here’s why.

You don’t know how

If you haven’t read a book or sat through a training class on how to follow up, then you probably don’t know how. There is a lot more to following up than just calling your customer back, or worse…


Instead of wasting time with a long, drawn out intro, let's jump right in:

Give your customer the feeling of control

People feel more in control when they say no. So start the conversation by saying, “Did I catch you at a bad time?” Even if it’s not a good time, most people say "No" because it make them feel in control. This is well documented in Chris Voss’ book, “Never Split the Difference”.

If it IS a bad time, your customer will...


Swiping thru my instagram stories I came across some great sales process advice from Dylan Hey, founder of Hey Digital and host of The Social Media Growth Show podcast.


First of all, not every type of business or sale can use this system. If your sales are very fast and transactional, this probably...


How many follow up calls, emails or touches does it take to sell a project? 

Three? Five? Ten? Fifteen?

We can all agree that it takes a lot of touches to make progress and ultimately close a deal. 

Most attempts result in rejection. 

Rejection could be a “No”. It might be “A decision hasn’t been made yet.” Rejection will sometimes be...


In hindsight, I should have called the customer to find out what was important BEFORE I quoted it, and to see if we would even be a good fit. 

But I got lazy. I just responded to an email without making the phone call. My excuse? I was “busy”.

The day after I sent the proposal it was time for the follow up call; and the customer wanted NOTHING to do with me once we were on the phone.

Sound familiar? ....


After doing it wrong for roughly 10 years, it finally clicked. I woke up one day and realized that what I was doing wasn’t working and something needed to change. 

It’s not that the system I was using was totally failing, it just wasn’t moving the needle.

But really, I wasn’t using a system at all. I was just sending out quotes and hoping for the best. 

Then we built a follow up system and our close rate went up 39% over the next 11 months. We didn’t do any...

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