1. Write a blog post

It doesn’t have to be some awe-inspiring, five page post, with fancy pictures, 15 footnotes, and written with the best grammar and punctuation. It just has to be done. It just has to be posted. That’s it. Think of a topic that interests YOU, AND your current or future customers and spend 15-30 minutes writing your post. Try to make it coherent, sure, but besides that just get it out there. When a potential buyer sees that you are trying to add value, you will stand out from your competition. Pro Tip: Make sure to share your post more than once. People are very busy, and depending on what medium you are sharing it through, it could get missed the first couple of times. 

2. Record a video post

This really intimidated me the first time I recorded one. I was so nervous about stumbling over my words and about making sure it sounded just right. But honestly, most people won’t even be paying attention to the majority of the video. The important thing is to show your face, your excitement, and again, add value! Pro Tip: Don’t worry about perfection. Just hit record, be yourself, then share multiple times. This can all be done on your iPhone or iPad by the way!

3. Send a thank you note

In fact, write ten thank you notes. Right now. Thank your five best customers for doing business with you this year. Then write five notes to customers that haven’t bought from you in six months and tell them you miss hearing from them. Or write to some customers about a new service that they might be interested in. They don’t have to be long notes, they just have to be mailed. Using a stamp. In an envelope. 


4. Do something to WOW a customer

Pay for the shipping cost on a small item. Tell your customer the service call is on you this time. Pay to overnight something during an emergency. Help YOUR customer with a lead or deal through a referral. Throw in an unexpected gift with an order. When you WOW someone, they usually tell at least 5 other people about their experience. Hello referral leads!

5. Ask “What else can I help you with?"

The best leads come from your best customers. And while you already have them on the phone, find out what else you can help them with. Most of us feel so busy that we want to get off the phone as soon as we can so we can get to the next email or voicemail. But before you end the call with your customer, ask them, “What else can I help you with?”, or some variety of this. Just make sure it is NOT a yes or no question. You will be amazed at how many more leads you will gobble up with this one question.  

5.5 Tell your customer about a new product or service

This can be a very tricky one, so be careful. This is NOT where you just ramble on about a new product or service out of the blue. Your customer will not care and will be ready to get off the phone immediately. It needs to be introduced with a question, followed up with another question, and then followed up with some more questions. And the reason this is #5.5 in the list, is because it works GREAT as a piggyback off of the previous point. When your customer tells you about something they are working on, there is a good chance that they may not know about a product or service you have that they could use. If the transition isn’t that smooth, plan B might sound something like: “Hi Mike, while I have you, I’m just curious: do any of your customers have any problems or challenges with (fill in the blank)?” If the answer is yes, ask some more questions. Find out what product or service they are using to fit that need. And if your product or service is better, and could be a good fit, quickly mention it to see if it piques any curiosity. If its not a good fit, move on. If it sounds like it might be, well, you’re welcome. : )

The #1 key to generating more leads is to make sure you have your customer’s best interest in mind, and that you are adding value. If you are constantly in front of your customers, even digitally, and you are helping them with THEIR business, you WILL get more leads.

What have you been doing to generate more leads?

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